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  1. I have upgraded to "Pro". This afternoon when I checked for updates I got up two (2) update windows at the same time. I am use to getting two update windows one after the other but not at the same time. Just trying to figure out what is going on? Thanking you ahead in this matter,
  2. Thanks for the information. I saved the home page to me "Favorites" just in case I run into the problem again. Hope you have a great week.
  3. I downloaded and installed the free version of "SUPERAnitSpware" from download.com The reason I put the question mark is for the last two days each time I have checked for updates I keep getting I have the latest definitions. The "Definition Data Base Version" is "Core 3938" "Trace 1881". I have never run a spy ware program or anti-virus program that did not need to be updated for two days. Just trying to figure out what's going on. Thanking you ahead in this mater, iddawg
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