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  1. I had the same problem on my 32 bit XP Pro setup, however, with HKCR\.com. Assuming it to be a false positive, I told SuperAntiSpyware to ignore it. Then I checked the registry and found that it was indeed a false association as .com was referred to as an exefile and not a comfile. An easy way out (which I used) was to download a fix from here: http://www.dougknox.com/xp/file_assoc.htm I enclose the screen shot of the opening page, which speaks for itself. Worked for me .. as SuperAntiSpyware keeps quiet about the false association, at least for now. p.s. edited above link (removed trailing '.' to make it click-able). And, ran another scan and no problems, so it seems the fix took care of a file association which indeed was broke (imo).
  2. Please open a support ticket, and provide a link where we can download those programs for testing. Just did. In case of interest, here is the download link again: http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and ... or-your-pc In my case, phone model is Nokia E51. Update 06/18/2009: the tweaking done by SAS (with or without my above input, I don't know) seems to work, as, after updating the definitions, I get no hits by trojan.hugipon anymore. Good show, thanks. Case closed, at least for now...
  3. Did you, in the meantime, have a chance to check if the one or both of the two Nokia programs I referred to could have set up 6to4 relays? After all, you asked for concrete input ..."If we can test the whole product, we can look into creating exclusions". Any comments on this? Thanks.
  4. I have three computers, two of which got hit with trojan.hugipon when running SAS updated/current. The latter two both have Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Software Updater installed whereas the first one (not "infected" with trojan.hugipon) does not. I believe (but I'm not sure) that one or both of Nokia's software packages use 6to4 services .. and thus may have created the registry entries in question. Perhaps a long shot, but could this be used by SAS to do some checking? As no other spy/malware prog I use flag trojan.hugipon I assume it's a f/p but I would sleep better if you could reconfirm. TIA...
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