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  1. siliconman01, First, here is the scan log: Second, no, I haven't done a THING to SAS in case I do something "wrong", I haven't gone to the next step yet Third, no, I did not run it in Safe Mode (not a real technically savvy person when it comes to things like that). Thank you for your reply and for any help in advance (trying to solve this is really eating up my Saturday night!!)
  2. Hello, I am a new user and hoping to find some help. Today, out of nowhere, I think I inherited some sort of malware/spyware/virus on my computer (which is odd, since I've been gone for most of the day with my dog at the vet [it hasn't been a good day] and nowhere near my computer. And super duper odd that in my years of owning a computer have NEVER gotten a virus). Anyways, when I got home, I went to search something on google (I am currently using Firefox 5.0) and when I clicked on a result, it redirected me to a totally bizarre search site like Shopica, Ebay, Orbitz, etc. It takes me a few tries to eventually get to the page I want. And I didn't think anything of it until I got really annoyed and did some searching and realized from the pages and pages of tech forums that this is some sort of spywayre/malware virus. Again I have no idea how I absorbed this virus, but there it is. Long story short, after a few failed scans from malware/spyware programs (they all detected NOTHING. I am also using AVG and it did not detect anything after today's scan), I finally downloaded and ran SuperAntiSpyware. I ran a scan and the results look like the problem (does that make sense?)- it detected 100 Adware Tracking Cookies to sites I've never visited before, and many look like the websites that I am being redirected to. This is very frustrating as I am frightened to do anything- especially log into my email account, shopping sites, and online banking site. I tried attaching the results form the Scan Log (it's a txt.) and it's not letting me do it, so if someone can help me out, maybe I could copy + paste the results??? I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Thank you!!!!
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