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  1. i want to install on 1 computer that has two hard drives in it so it would be on 2 hard drives installed that are in one computer
  2. it says my subscription is good for 1 computer only. But i have 2 hard drives and would need to install it on both to benefit from the real-time protection so do i simply just reinstall and re-add the code on the second hard drive? how would this work?
  3. i see thanks for the clear up
  4. so im missing a feature
  5. i dont get it, so i cant outgrey the box it will always be grey, i cant use this feature
  6. i just bought it and for some reason the first chance prevention feature is greyed out?
  7. what about running it with windows defender and/or ad-aware?
  8. is sas real-time protection compatible with avast real-time protection
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