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  1. I, like several others found the Hugipon lurking in the registry. Mine was found in 50 places there along with 2 files on my hard drive and 1 other place ( I can't remember if that one was a tracking cookie or what but it was not in memory. I ran Kaspersky, S&D, and Adaware all previous to the SAS scan and they didn't find anything. I guess I need to run the SAS more often since it not only found what the others missed, but it was able to eliminate all traces of it. I was a little concerned when I read in other posts that it returned so I have been scanning every day for several days and it seems to be gone. I will now set up the program to automatically scan, etc... should have done that before since a while back I had purchased the 'full' version of the PRO edition but disabled any automatic scans, updates, etc. I realize what this post sounds like but I am not associated in any way with SUPERAntiSpyware or it's associates. I rarely make a post to any forums but I guess if it will help someone I think this one is worth the time. My computer had been very sluggish for awhile and I was puzzled as to why since all the other virus/antispyware was not finding anything. I googled for trojan.hugipon and found this thread. Then I remembered I had purchased the product because it helped me with a different problem previously. I ran the scan and couldn't believe the results. It also discovered another trojan (something like FSG ??) that it removed. I don't know if the purchased program made the difference as compared to the free version but I am happy it removed the bad stuff. My computer is back to normal now. Thanks
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