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  1. I have to remind everyone that I seem to be the only one that has found this virus with Malwarebytes as well as SAS. Malwarbytes discovered it in two places in my registry. This is why I used Combofix to get rid of it. Since it was removed from my system I am operating noticeably better and without any problems. So, whatever it was it is gone and my computer is operating better than before. I have no programs on my computer that are affected by its removal. It has been a few days and I have checked all of the programs that I regularly use and they are functioning properly.
  2. I ran Malwarebytes and SAS again. I still had the virus and the problems with my computer were getting slowly worse. Not one of the forums that I could find had anything to say definitive about hugipon, only hupigon which is different. I finally posted the question on Yahoo Answers and that is were I finally found something that seems to work. I was directed to http://www.combofixdownload.com/ and http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/combofi ... mbofix#use. I followed the instructions and they worked. I have since ran SAS twice and the Trojan.hugipon is no longer appearing. I won't celebrate yet, but I feel very relieved.
  3. I updated Malwarebytes and ran it today and it found the virus in the 6to4 files in two locations. It deleted them but when I ran SuperAntiSpyware again the 15 entries showed up again, so it did not delete them. I am still having trouble opening new tab links in my browsers, both, Firefox and IE. So, these are not false positives. There is definitely something new and unwanted attached to my computer files, registry. I am going to run Malwarebytes again after I reboot and see what happens.
  4. I did download a movie with utorrents and a free rar unpacker a few days earlier but I did not notice any changes. I have not unpacked the movie file though. I have noticed that today I can no longer update my AVG antivirus program. I can run it but I can not update it. I keep getting a message: Invalid binary file. I am have some difficulties with my email programs opening now and also with my opening new website from links. So, something is definitely going on with this. Apparently none of the other antivirus programs are picking this virus up yet. I keep checking Google for other input but no one seems to have a solution yet.
  5. I have been battling with this all day. I deleted the notepad++ program that I recently installed because in another forum it showed to have a connection with this program. I no longer have 52 entries when I scan. I now have 15. I tried using Unhackme from http://www.greatis.com/unhackme/download.htm but it did not work. I used it about 8 times. I have not noticed any changes in my system. Every time I delete the files they return when I reboot. I ran regedit and was only able to delete 2 extensions there. I was unable to delete any of the other files. So, I still have 15 in my system registry showing up when ever I run SuperAntiSpyware. The registry extensions are exactly the same as the others posted here. Anyone have nay information on this yet?
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