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  1. Firefox and IE redirect when I click on a link in a search. If I click on a bookmark or previous link in my history it goes there but if I do a search in Yahoo or Google and click on the link I'm redirected to various different sites. I've scanned for viruses, maleware, spyware and adware but the scans say I'm clean. I've checked my host file and there are no entries in it. I'm stumped. Superantispyware reported several things but I think they were traces of old infections I had a while back. Just to be on the safe side I removed it but I'm still experiencing the redirects. I also discovered that if I get a redirect to a link I click on I can copy and paste that link in my address bar and I'll go to it just fine. Next time I click on that link in the search it will also go there. It appears that the redirects are for sites I've never visited. Strange but true. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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