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  1. Hi, I was wondering if any1 cld help me. I got a anti virus pop up (not from my own antivirus company) on my computer saying I had no antivirus and shld download this winpc one. when the x button is pressed to ignore it my security center pops up saying the same thing....it is not my real security center it is a fake. I checked my control panel to get into my real security centre and it had vanished..... to cut the story short I scanned my comp several times with my F-Secure Antivirus... for it to find nothing, I even reinstalled it and scanned again...nothing....I also tried with AVG....nothing. I then Used SuperAnti and it did get rid of it and my computer was fine for all of 24 hours.......ITS RETURNED???? WHAT SHOULD i DO TO PREVENT IT FROM RETURNING???? PLEASE HELP ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GO ON THE COMPUTER WITH THIS TROJAN....... THANKS
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