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  1. has SAS working really well on the two WIN98se computer that we have here at home for some technical reasons. upgraded couple of days ago to the latest version, and it freezes (itself and the computer) when trying to start. thought this was only this one machine, so i (stupidly) also upgraded the other, thinking i could so frame the problem. WRONG: that one now also freezes. have then tried, for good orders sake, to install it on a third WIN98se computer, one that never had SAS installed before, and guess what: it freezes there too. had actually checked the Q&A section of SAS before, carefully, and found that WIN98se was expressdly included in the OSs that (supposedly) worked. back to square one: is there a workaround? or, which version is known to work problem free with WIN98se? and where could i download it? greetings - heinz -
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