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  1. I agree. But I will say that it's markedly better than being required to reboot into safe mode to run the scans
  2. Thanks for the reply. Actually, it's not an infection. I did some troubleshooting relating to the dual rundll32.exe instances and discovered that they are both loaded from the HKLM run key. The relevant startup items at that location are as follows: "SoundFusion"="RunDll32 cwcprops.cpl,CrystalControlWnd" "BMMGAG"="RunDll32 C:\\PROGRA~1\\ThinkPad\\UTILIT~1\\pwrmonit.dll,StartPwrMonitor" Eliminating either of those respective items from the run key will result in the corresponding instance of rundll32.exe in task manager being nonexistent. However, deleting the first item (ie, the one that loads the SoundFusion tray icon - SoundFusion is the audio driver that came with the ThinkPad) makes no difference as far as the SAS scan stalls - the scans still stall at the same points. But deleting the BMMGAG item from the run key (ie, the thinkpad power monitor feature) results in unimpeded SAS scanning. So unless there's another fix, I'll simply have to stop the power monitor rundll32.exe process prior to scanning with SAS each time. Additionally, I checked and there are no other files named rundll32.exe on the HDD other than the one at C:\WINNT\System32\ and a backup at C:\WINNT\System32\dllcache.
  3. Update: I've discovered that this laptop loads 2 instances of rundll32.exe and that if I kill one of them the SAS scans will finish without a hitch. Both instances of rundll32.exe load each time the laptop is booted and each one consumes different amounts of memory. I don't know why there are two instances of this item running but I do know that simply killing one of them allows me to use the SAS scan function successfully.
  4. I'm running SAS Free 4.46.1000 (def ver Core: 6000 Trace:3812) on a ThinkPad T21 laptop. I run SAS on several other PCs without issue. I recently installed SAS on this ThinkPad and it consistently hangs at one of two points during the memory scan phase. These hang points are: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\LTMSG.EXE C:\PROGRA~1\UTILIT~1\TP98TRAY.EXE Even when I exclude these paths in SAS the scans will hang indefinitely at the same points. For example, at the 'Excluded folders To Scan' screen in SAS if I navigate to C:\Program Files\Utilities\ and add this path to the folder exclusion list the next scan attempt still hangs at C:\PROGRA~1\UTILIT~1\TP98TRAY.EXE just as before. Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter? It doesn't seem reasonable that I should have to boot into safe mode each time I wish to run an SAS scan. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes, I have an 'always on' DSL connection. If I could get someone to test to see if their SAS behaves the same way, it would be appreciated. While connected to the Internet, all they would need to do is uncheck both auto-download options, then exit SAS and restart it. If it doesn't start downloading then it would suggest it's my local problem and nothing to do with the update server's file versions. Maybe someone will be able to try that for me and report back. If it turns out to be a local problem here then maybe SAS staff can point me in the right direction to troubleshoot it. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the reply. My question is: Why does SAS insist upon downloading the def files it already has EVERY time it's started? Neither "Check for updates before scanning on startup" nor "Check for program updates when the application starts (recommended)" are enabled. My defs are the same as yours... Core: 3909 Trace: 1853 ...but it keeps re-downloading them.
  7. I just installed SAS yesterday (v4.26.1002). The installation went smoothly. The definitions and app were updated upon installation. The displayed update release info is Core: 3909 Trace: 1853. I tried reinstalling once which didn't resolve the issue. Each time I start SAS it re-downloads the same files. When I use the 'Check for Updates' option, it reports that there are currently no updates available. But when I restart SAS, it downloads the same updates I already have. Any idea what's going on? Could it be that the update server is incorrectly reporting the available update file versions so my local app doesn't think it has them? TIA
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