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  1. I'm running Win7 RC 7137 32-bit and, as I said, SAS doesn't work for me! 7137 is unofficial, no build since 7100 is. Later builds are only there (not officially in the public domain) to test a particular problem / issue that may have arisen. Consequently, as MS states, if you install a later 'test' build there may be other problems as a result.
  2. Is there a 'formal' place to report any issues with W7 compatibility to assist SAS with development? I have no issues to date other than SAS is not appearing in the W7 Action Centre as a running antispyware program. I'm running 'Pro' 32 bit.
  3. Which Windows 7 build are you using? I'm running the only official W7 RC build - 7100 (with all current updates), and SAS 4.27.1002 Pro starts / runs / scans perfectly with no problems whatsoever.
  4. What makes you think that your uncalled-for infantile threats are going to worry anyone here, including SAS staff. SAS is one of the best anti-spyware applications there is - you clearly have some other problem that you don't understand and you lack the intelligence to research either your symptoms or this product. IMO there's no helping someone like you - unless of course you decide to apologise and ask for help in a civilised manner.
  5. Where will a test version be posted? On the main site, or here...??
  6. SAS - Are you able to give us an update on progress with W7 compatibility? W7 is clearly at a stable pre-release stage at this point and I for one have pre-ordered. SAS is now the only product I cannot install and test / use - which I'd like to, having paid for it! Thanks,
  7. If you're the sort of person who is using a pre-release OS, you're probably the sort of person who doesn't mind experimenting with unsupported apps. That's absolutely fine except the release referred to isn't even an 'offical' MS RC release. 7201 is a leaked build. Fine if it's stand alone and not 'production' - I just hope he doesn't come back here in tears if it all blows up...
  8. NB: Build 7201 is an unsupported version of Windows 7. Installing SAS on the current supported build (7100) can cause a BSOD. DO NOT INSTALL SAS UNTIL SUPERANTISPYWARE DEVELOPERS TELL US IT'S SUPPORTED.
  9. Guys, IMHO you need to be quicker off the mark with full W7 compatibility. W7 RC is pretty stable and out there in that vicious world. With the high profile that SAS enjoys (I'm a paid up user of the Pro version and recommend the product constantly) you need to be leading the pack rather than dragging your heels. Again, IMO saying you'll have a W7 update in time for the official W7 release is not good enough. Most of the leading AV vendors are already running their products successfully on both W7 32 & 64 bit. I'm trying to encourage you, not knock you btw... Thanks,
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