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  1. Just installed it on three machines in work this morning that had been very problematic to. It's also cleaned them up and they are running well again! Thanks again
  2. Yesterday I downloaded something nasty and contracted: Vundo & ZLob trojan strains . . . My PC is used for work and I was crapping myself in-case it was beyond recovery. I installed all the following applications in an attempt to remove the infections: Spybot Search & Destroy Trojan Hunter Spyhunter Adaware Trojan Remover All of these apps reported the infection in different guises but everyone of them failed to remove the infection? Anyway . . . I came across your software searching for removal tool reviews. I installed your software and it found everything. In fact, it was the only app that actually recognised these nasties running in the memory. Once the scan had finished I clicked next to remove it all not expecting a great result and low and behold it had cleaned everything. My machine is running as sweet as a nut! I don't know if these infections will re-appear in a few days but today you have made a man very very happy. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the programmers for saving my bacon. I have the free version but I will be upgrading tommorow. Before you all ask . . . No, I don't work for this software company. I love you guys
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