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  1. I'm sure you all have experienced this....you install a program like Super Anti Spyware on someone's computer, because it's obvious they are infested with spyware....then a month later, their computer crashes due to some 'worm', and suddenly YOU are accused of being the culprit for downloading the so-called 'harmful software.' I am currently facing this at work, and the owner of the business has called in her 'computer guru', who has never heard of Super Anti Spyware, and so OBVIOUSLY it must be the program that has infected the system, causing it to crash. If this so-called 'computer guru' gives the word that in -his- opinion, it WAS the fault of SAS, then the owner may insist that I pay for the service call. Ignorance.....the fact that I TOLD her that 12 million people have been using this program successfully for YEARS, and that the program REMOVES harmful software, and doesn't DOWNLOAD trojans on to the computer, seems to have little effect in convincing her. Frustrated, sunlion
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