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  1. SASService, Thanks for your reply. I have already submitted 2 requests re: UPX packed files and they were closed without actually fixing the problem. Ah... very good! I just re-scanned my files and I see that SAS now does not mis-report them as malware. Thank you... I'm very happy to see this turn-around. Regards, 4Eyes
  2. I've found that files packed with the UPX packer cause false positives with SAS. Is there another that is safe to use and doesn't upset SAS? Regards, 4Eyes
  3. SUPERAntiSpyware, Do you mean I should check the version available on your web server? If the definition of up to date is say... running a signature < 7 days old then it would seem that a file date check is ok. Regards, 4Eyes
  4. I'm writing a program that gathers a lot of useful info from computers. I'd really like to be able to determine that SAS is up to date. I've looked in the registry and via WMI but the only way I've found so far is to check the date of processlist.bin. Is there a better or preferred way to do this? I should add that this refers to Windows XP, not Vista. Regards, 4Eyes
  5. Ok, have logged a support request. Sorry to be a pain. 4Eyes
  6. I sent a false positive report via SAS recently but as I've heard nothing (probably just too impatient) I thought I'd follow it up here. All of my executables created with AutoIT report as Trojan Agent/Gen-TempZ with SAS (and MBAM) yet several other programs don't detect a problem. Can you please test and advise? Ta, 4Eyes
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