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  1. I'm having significant trouble with running the SUPERAntiSpyware program. I've used the program for over a year now and have been quite pleased with its performance. I never had any problems with it either. However, I recently caught a trojan (still not sure when or how) that caused me quite a bit of trouble-- caused popups even in Firefox, created malicious autorun.ini files, wouldn't let me view some (but not all, strangely) online video streams, and blocked my access to the SAS website and program. After searching around and getting tips, I was able to finally wipe the trojan out of my recovery drive where it had lodged itself. I encountered no more browser errors, autorun mishaps, or other such problems. I still however have a problem with SAS. Every time I'd try to start it I'd get the "SAS has encountered an error and must close". The problem is somehow centered in superantispyware.exe. I downloaded the modified RUNSAS.exe file and was able to use the program, but wanted to try and get it working the way it was supposed to again. I tried uninstalling the program, but since the uninstaller uses superantispyware.exe in the process it would always break in the middle. I did download and use the SASUNINST.exe, which did get rid of everything related to the program. Running my registry tools I was finally able to clear the registry of the bad pointers to the program that I had suspected existed. I thought I had cleaned everything up, but when I tried installing the program I'd again encounter the error with the executable. I am able to download and install the alternative version, SAS_FREE.exe, but even then I must use the modified RUNSAS.exe to get it to work. After numerous virus and spyware scans, I can find nothing that is causing this to keep happening. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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