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  2. Hi, I feel your product could be streamlined by moving the protect home page dialogue that appears on first launch into the wizard that appears immediately prior to this standalone window. It feels out of place to me? Also, I notice that when this Protect Home Page dialogue appears, if you dont click within 250ms give or take, the window will be unresponsive for 3-10 seconds, I assume maybe this is SAS kicking in the background and analysing Window's process list for malicious entries for the first time based on me noticing on some clients machines the red found box appears immediately thereafter this unresponsiveness. This unresponsiveness at this particular point may confuse a novice user.
  3. Hi Guys, I have googled, and seen posts back as far as 2007 for this request on these forums. You guys are pretty good at customer loyalty, however this seems like a request that hasn't been given the attention it deserves. How about installer and SAS command line parameters, surely implementation would be simple enough, check the parameters and if the string matches, automate a specific task? for the installer ... /SILENTINSTALL = Automatic Installation with default settings /DONOTSTARTAFTERINSTALL = Prevent SAS from starting after install, so manual downloaded definitions can be applied (a command line switch to shut down SAS could be used maliciously, hence this is needed) /FULLSCAN = Start a Full Scan on all Local Drives /QUICKSCAN = As it says /UPDATE = Start Internet Update then exit These command line switches would greatly help us automate our process of installing SAS onto clients machines, we do buy a lot of licenses with our credit card for you!
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