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  1. some of the bad stuff that your antivirus program finds are malware programs and only programs such as superantispyware, malwarebytes antimalware, and combofix can remove them. Please take adive and let the moderators of this forum show you how to remove the malware.
  2. I think the best thing to do with CNET is don't believe anything they write about any product. I have foun the articles to be misleading and not considering other computers that may not have the issues they find, not intentional, just that there are some many different computer systems. I have found install the trial software and if it works then buy it. That's what I did with superantispyware and to me it is one of the best along with Malwarebytes antimalware. I use both and they scan in reatime together without causing any slowdowns, crashes, or BSOD. I am using windows xpsp3 with all the uptodate windows downloads. I hope this helps.
  3. You probably can't answer this question, but many other protective software can be disabled when a trojan or malicious software is installed and I have the pro version of superantispyware pro and it has really been one of the best malware programs I have ever used, I have used many and sometimes they are disabled during the reboot and the bad software is able to install. I haven't see any of the programs disable or alter superantispyware yet and I hope that I don't. I like to know what makes you guys differenct from the other antimalware defense companies and how will you stop the bad programs from disabling or crippling superantispyware. I know some of the question I have asked is stepping over bounds toward revealing trade secrets etc and I understand. The reason I am asking this is for now I really feel protected using superantispyware pro and it has proven itself to me over and over. It detects and removes the registry keys and I hope the hackers cannot figure out how to stop its protection. Thanks for taking the time to try and answer this question.
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