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  1. Running Free SAS. Cannot update any program except Avast AV. Cannot download latest SAS. Get message "address not found". Same message appears for other downloads and updates. Avast AV updates OK. No firewall in Avast. Windows Firewall turns off at reboot so I leave it off. PC on network. Router has Firewall. No problems with any other computers. When trying to update SAS, it goes to the Welcome screen, click next, goes to Available update list, click next, goes to Downloading Updates, but the progress bar does not even start. 10 minutes still no download. I'm running FireFox 3.0.10 browser. I no longer use IE because it will not allow ANY d/L's at all. No problem with iTorrent d/l's or stuff like YouTube Get. Can D/l videos all day. Sometimes I can do a D/L form a site like MicroSoft. But not all the time or everything. Tried to D/L NetFrame Work at MS. No way. Someone said there may be some malware monitoring and blocking my spyware updates ? Is there another way to get the spyware definition update through another PC and transfer the file over ? Thanks Viggie
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