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    Windows 7 driver why is too late...??

    It's running and detect trojans, no problem. The rest is not important....
  2. kkimber

    Windows 7 driver why is too late...??

    SA version 4.26.1004 and windows 7 build 7201 x86 is running and no problem. Hopefully!
  3. Is it support windows 7 or bsod?
  4. kkimber

    Windows 7 driver why is too late...??

    When will it be possible windows 7 support?
  5. trying to this; viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2930#p15238
  6. Compatibility mode is not a kernel driver support. If your windows 7 version is x64 (64bit), superantispyware x64 edition is running because superantispyware x64 edition is "not a 64bit software" . Windows 7 x64 edition kernel level driver running 64bit and then 32bit kernel driver loading emulation and superantispyware is running. hehe comedy...
  7. Hi, Duplex secure one mount the release the new version of kernel level sptd (1.58) and supporting windows 7 x86 and x64 editions. Ok we understand superantispyware is not x64bit software but windows 7 is releasing two times public. Last release 30.4-5.5.2009 and superantispyware is saying "we don't support fully released windows 7". This is sux... If I wrong correct me. WE NEED Windows 7 SUPPORT URGENTLY!