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  1. thank to Developer for quick response. Now UI when updating has been fixed in 4.28.1010
  2. yes, i am running 4.28.1008.
  3. I am big fan SAS. Now,over past 3 years I ve never seen new look of SAS. GUI still look old another point is RAM usage.Its still eating RAM so much. I think thats big points of SAS to improve in the future. After all, Great tool
  4. I used latest SAS and run for first time.Then I looked into Win Task Manager ...and guess ? SAS EAT over 113,000K RAM .Its totally different with older version. any explanation guys ? thanks
  5. I just upgraded to the latest SAS and run update. Now UI when updating back to older version.It looks grey progress in Download progress Bar I didn't see significant or faster definition updating speed. Still kind of slow
  6. Before do that, I tried to leave untick tray icon in 'preferences'.Then SAS can be opened in Safe Mode.As I know SAS update its DF run twice (core & trace).First phase successfully update then second phase my RAM go down to lowest level.After that ...reboot. I also tried to turn off : 1. Avira 2. Windows Defender but still the same,didn't work. my PC : XP Pro SP3 Avira v.9 Comodo Firewall Windows Defender ThreatFire MBAM I am so frustating
  7. Now, right click SAS tray icon can't be access from safe mode. I opened Win Task Mgr and showed SAS.exe eat my RAM then REBOOT again ! further assistances PLEASE !
  8. Thank for your response. Found nothing in Safe Mode Scanning.Now right click on SAS tray icon didn't work then freezzzz ...mouse hanged...RAM going down and reboot. After that I got 'Active Desktop Recovery'.I tried to restore but failed,so I have to shut down to restore my Desktop. I am so desperate to face this issue. what am I suppose to do ? Thanks
  9. I don't know exactly what's going on ? Since update to the latest version then run update,my RAM decreased dramatically / going down to lowest level..freeze and reboot automatically. I tried to uninstall and reinstall again but the problem still exist. would appreciate helpful suggestions Thank in advance
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