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    Scan This Computer

    Greetings, It's just a suggestion but I would like to see the Last scan was xxx only notify about the last Complete, Quick, and Critical Scans as I have noticed if you perform a context menu scan of 1 item you will get Last Scan was 1 minute ago, which sometimes leads me to believe that a major scan was performed. This is what I would like to see: I perform a Critical Scan and a few days later perform a context menu scan of an item, but the history notification of the last scan only records from the Critiical Scan and doesn't reset to 1 minute because of the custom context menu scan. Thank you.
  2. alhazred

    SAS high network usage

    Okay, I will try that.
  3. alhazred

    SAS high network usage

    Greetings, I'm using SAS Lifetime Professional Subscription and noticed there seems to be a high daily network usage for the Superantispyware Update application. Is this normal?
  4. alhazred

    Possible false positive

    Hi folks, While I was using Advanced Uninstaller Pro to remove some left over items from some software I was installing, I received a Real Time Protection notification on an explorer.exe file which is within the Advanced Uninstaller folder. I performed an SAS scan and everything came up clean, including the said explorer.exe file. I have used the submit option and it said that the file has been "Sent" so I assume you have it. This file is only being detected on Real time and not in Scan.
  5. alhazred

    Real Time Protection

    I sometimes have this problem at boot also, but SAS processes are running so I am being protected. I simply close superantispyware.exe and then run SAS again from the start menu. It's not really a fix but it works for me.
  6. alhazred

    Terminate memory threats

    Cheers for the prompt reply!
  7. alhazred

    Terminate memory threats

    Hi, Should Terminate memory threats before quarantining be checked? I would have thought all memory threats would need to be terminated before quarantining. What is the difference between checked and unchecked and which is the safest option to have?
  8. alhazred

    I'm not complaining

    Like I was saying in the other thread, with V4 my quick scans took 17 minutes but with V5 they take around 2 minutes. The updates are quicker and I like the GUI as well!
  9. alhazred

    logs not being recorded

    I have checked "Keep a detailed log" and the logs are now available. Thanks.
  10. alhazred

    logs not being recorded

    Thank you for your reply. I am running Windows 7 64-bit though I don't know about gatorblair. The logs from builds before V.4.50.1002 were unaffected, but any new scans simply do not generate new logs. Save "Empty/Clean Logs" is ticked but "Keep a detailed log of scanning results" is not.
  11. alhazred

    logs not being recorded

    I can confirm that I am also having this problem. Using Windows 7 / 64-bit IE9 Superantispyware 4.50.1002.
  12. alhazred

    Superadblocker and Superantispyware

    Excellent news!
  13. Hi, I have Superantispyware Pro and am thinking of purchasing Superadblocker. Does Superadblocker come in a non Superantispyware integrated version? Also, If it doesn't I am aware that you can disable the Antispy option in SAB but what I am worried about is the Spyware database of SAB taking up hard drive space when I already have SAS Pro database to keep me protected? I.e, Would I be able to delete the Spyware database folder on SAB as I obviously don't want two folders with the same definitions? Any thoughts, thanks.
  14. alhazred

    Superantispyware Pro's real-time protection

    Thanks. When I performed the scan with Superantispyware after it also deleted the malign file. Excellent product!
  15. Hello, I was recovering my computer to an earlier date so thought I would test Superantispyware Pro's real-time protection as I have never seen it in action before. I deliberately installed the XXX toolbar. Superantispyware indeed blocked it but when I looked on the information it gave me I found the flagged file was present in my folders. Do I take it that even though the malign file is present, Superantispyware has still blocked it from memory/processes or doing anything bad?