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  1. or you could have been one of the lucky ones, I found it works fine on xp if you have no big programs installed like Turbo Tax, Quicken, Quickbooks, Office 2011, Photoshop etc etc that need a lot of cpu usage to run then MSE makes the computer go slow. If you have the basic installed, IE, Firefox, and a few small programs that do not use a lot of memory then MSE floats by.


    I personally use Quicken, a Turbo-Tax competitor, Open Office and a couple of different image programs on my system...

    (Again offered only as a data point, not to contradict anyone's experience or findings. The more info we have, the better chance of resolving issues imho.)

  2. FWIW, MSE (version 2) runs just fine on my and my wife's XP Pro SP3 machines.

    On mine, the very first day (after the version upgrade) I did see some periods of high CPU usage and was getting a bit concerned. That abated later that same day and has not returned.

    I don't know if it was due to MSE adapting to the system or not but it has not returned and my computer and fans could not be running more quietly or smoothly.

    Just offered as another data point. (We switched to MSE several months to a year ago from the free versions of Avira and Avast and have had absolutely no regrets in doing so.)

  3. Thanks for your reply, Seth.

    After I rebooted (just to see if it would make a difference) there was another update that I manually downloaded.

    This was faster than the last few days. I didn't time it but it was noticeably better.

    So, I can't say if it was the reboot or the version update. (And all I really care about is having everything running smoothly.)

    Currently running: 4.41.1000, Core 5243, Trace 3055

  4. Just a quick update since I just this minute downloaded 4.41.1000

    So I guess I'll have to wait and see if that alleviates the issue. Unfortunately I'll be away from this machine for a few days and so may not have the opportunity to provide further info (if requested).

  5. I've noticed that the last day or two that the updates have been very, very slow. It's taking several minutes instead of just the minute or so it used to take up until recently.

    I'm on an XP Pro SP3 setup.

    SAS 4.40.1002

    Core 5242 Trace 3054

    I've never had issues with SAS previously I've run SAS Pro for a good while now.

    Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

  6. I've brought this up in the past but never got a reply one way or the other.

    It would really be helpful to have the tray icon either turn red or have a slash through it (or something similar, such as saying "disabled" or "enabled" when the mouse hovers) so that we know the status of our real-time protection.

    Virtually all other security software that operates in real-time offers such a visual aid and I'm hoping that SAS will also provide us with the same in the near future.

    What say you?

    Thanks in advance! B)

  7. See now you're talking :-)

    As you can tell by the timestamp on my post it was very late/early when I wrote it. I had been up all night battling a particular rootkit (which your product fixed when malwarebytes couldn't). My post was very rude. You guys have obviously put a lot of work into this. So, I apologize for the demeanor of that post. Good work making a solution that installs in safe mode and thanks for your gracious attitudes in your responses :-)

    Sounds to me like the purchase of the "Pro" version would be a nice way of making amends. (I'm just saying... ;) )

  8. I had a similar issue on my XP Pro machine. After I rebooted once or twice the problem resolved itself. Don't know what caused the conflict.

    (If you have a firewall running, make sure that all of SAS' files are enabled.)

  9. Would it be possible to have the tray icon display when real-time protection is or is not enabled? (Or at least give status when the mouse is hovering over the icon? This would be preferable to having to right click the icon to see if it is enabled in the context menu.)

    Thanks! 8)

  10. BL,

    It's a supplement to the protection afforded by your primary anti-virus program and firewall.

    This is clearly stated by SAS both on the forums and (I believe) on their main site.

    Though many AV programs now afford some degree of anti-spyware/malware, they are not specialists in that arena.

    I myself use SAS in realtime along with Avira Personal and Online Armor. Everything appears to work together seamlessly.

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