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  1. 2 weeks ago, i had SAS free, and at startup, on the lower hand corner, it said that updates were found, and when i try click ion install updates it tells me that "you don't have administrator priviliges" (or something like that). This is a new laptop, and i bought it in december, and first installed SAS since then, but i can't remember if the problem occured at that point, but it started occuring about 3 months ago, i unitalled the previous version i had and reinstalled it, and it seemed to work fine, until it found an update. now, a few weeks back, i bought the SAS pro, and still no luck... i completely cleaned out SAS pro, and reinstalled it. (but when i did that to SAS free, i still got the message) now i'm pretty sure im still going to get the same msg, any ideas on what i may do? Sincerely Blue
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