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    Runtime error

    Yes, original install. It seems to work though as rescanning it does remove most. But still same error at end of fixing progress bar, then app closes after you acknowledge the error. 1 time it crashed the computer however... It also is hard to restart the program - takes very long unless I reboot. Did the install of the Visual Basic 6.0 as I remember having v5, still no help. Didn't try safe mode. Think my system may of been corrupted as had a problem of trogen till this and antiVir finally was able to get rid of it (was in system restore on all partitions) Am going to un-install and reinstall Super Antispyware to see if this helps. btw, the auto-updating does not work even though its turned on in prefs... (humm, maybe you updated after I restarted system, but seems everytime I start, I can manually update it. I do not leave my computer on... Edited: There is no UnInstaller that I could find, so I simply overwrote same folder and downloaded the pro version (previously was an older version anyway saved). It kept all my settings and updates Trying again... Wish me luck Nope, still same error, but it is removing items. I been surfing while its scanning so it picked up a couple new one (2), but still get error after progress bar ends
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    Runtime error

    Version 4.26.1000. Lifetime subscription (bought last night) Definition database versions: core: 3861 Trace 1813
  3. WinXP PRO sp3 After its done scanning, when I select next to repair (quarantining & removing), at the end of progress bar I am getting this: Runtime Error R6025 -pure virtual function call then program has to close. I just ordered lifetime so am wondering if I should uninstall and reinstll the program, and will my activation code still work then? Or is there something else wrong? I also have Spybot (w/teatimer) and Avira AntiVir programs running in background too.
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