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  1. The scan is clean now. However, to prove my point, I restored a few of the previously quarantined threats. After the restore, I did not see the files. I ran another scan, and SAS did not find the "restored threats" either.
  2. I had just upgraded the program to the latest version and updated its definitions before I ran the scan. Because I didn't believe the results, I looked for several of the indicated files after the scan, BEFORE I told the program to quarantine, and was unable to find ANY that I looked for. They were not simply hidden, because I have Explorer set to show all files, even system files. It is also suspicious that the log indicates multiple versions of the same "infection" for several threats. I recognize some of these threats as ones I have cleaned off other computers, but not this one. A lot of these "infections" should have noticeable effects on Windows and Internet Explorer, yet this computer was having no problems - no pop-ups, toolbars or hi-jacking. I really do not think the threats existed. It seems more likely there was a glitch in the scanner. One thing I should note is that there are a LOT of files and directories (over 250K files and over 18K folders). Possibly there is a buffer issue in the program?
  3. I changed the user name in the log for privacy reasons. I had to upload it as an attachment, because the forum message size is limited to 60000 characters. To save space, I also deleted the tracking cookies section, which was probably legitimate.
  4. I just installed version 4.26.1000 (Free Edition) and scanned my PC. The scan results showed 1094 file threats, causing me to raise an eyebrow. So, I began checking my hard drive and was unable to find any of the files, with the exception of some tracking cookies, reported by the program. It appears that the program reported everyting it checked for, rather than what it found. I wish I hadn't, but I instructed the program to clean/quarantine the "threats", hoping that I could look into the quarantine to see what it really found. Now I don't dare restore the quarantine, for fear the it migh "install" malware. Please note that I have Symantec Antivirus running resident and periodically scan with other popular malware scanners. I had also run SAS less than 3 months ago and it only found a few items, which were actually there.
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