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  1. No, I'm not talking about Superdelete, I'm talking about the "Persistent file removal" option.
  2. What is this? Is it safe to remove anything it finds?
  3. I use the free version of SAS and always check for updates before running any scans. Am I always running the most current version of SAS by doing so? The reason I ask is that I was reading a post on the "major geeks forum" where one of the forums help persons was telling an individual that his version of SAS was way out of date and that he needed to uninstall that version and download and install the current version. I'm a little confused as I thought that just clicking on "check for updates" and letting it update your definitions was basically keeping you current? I suppose you could do it his way but why when just checking for updates does the same thing. Am I missing something here or what might that gentlemen at the geeks forum be referring to by uninstalling and then having to reinstall SAS? Thanks in advance. Tom
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