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  1. I did report the false positive from within SAS early in the morning. I updated SAS today and the false positive is now gone. This is the 2nd false positive within a week. Hopefully, I do not see anymore for quite awhile.
  2. Update: I ran the following free antispyware programs and nothing showed up: Spybot, Ad-aware and Mbam. I also ran my paid AV - ESET Nod32 AV4 and nothing showed up. I submitted the file to ESET. I then ran the latest SAS and the same trojan is showing up as before. I received a false positive several days ago which was corrected. I'm concerned that this is the same thing. If it was not a false positive, you would think one of the other programs would pick it up. I'm not sure what will happen if I quarantine it since it resides in System 32. This trojan name was included in the recent updates. Either SAS is picking up something noone else is yet or it's a false positive. In another forum the same trojan was thought to be a false positive in a Wordperfect file. Any feedback from SAS would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I completed the following scan earlier today - is this a false positive? I plan to run a few more scans with other products and see if they come up with something. I'll report back. Thanks! SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 04/15/2010 at 05:45 PM Application Version : 4.35.1002 Core Rules Database Version : 4810 Trace Rules Database Version: 2622 Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 00:35:44 Memory items scanned : 568 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 6856 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 26960 File threats detected : 1 Trojan.Agent/Gen-Krpytik C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DS61GT.DLL
  4. I scanned and received the threats below: Trojan.Agent/Gen-Koobface[bonkers] C:\PROGRAM FILES\CPUID\PC WIZARD 2009\DATA\SETTINGS.EXE C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ALL USERS\START MENU\PROGRAMS\CPUID\PC WIZARD 2009\PC WIZARD 2009 SETTINGS.LNK C:\PROGRAM FILES\CPUID\PC WIZARD 2009\DATA\PCWPDF.DLL C:\PROGRAM FILES\CPUID\PC WIZARD 2009\PCWIZVDO.DLL Are these false positives? I have had this program on my computer for quite some time and have never received any warnings from any of my anti-spyware and antivirus products including Super until tonight. Please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I decided to run a host of other antispyware/antivirus apps to see if they would find the same thing: Spybot Ad-Aware Malwarebytes ESET - paid AV/AS - one of the best out there. None of the other apps turned up anything. Does that surprise you? Is there something SUPERAntiSpyware looks for that the others do not? Before I quarantine the items that SUPER found, I'd like to know your thoughts. Thanks!
  6. Scan below: SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 11/17/2009 at 08:54 PM Application Version : 4.30.1004 Core Rules Database Version : 4284 Trace Rules Database Version: 2159 Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 00:39:37 Memory items scanned : 510 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 6733 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 30674 File threats detected : 4 Trojan.Agent/Gen-Nullo[short] C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{0ACD1FCD-6804-40AD-AB50-CBEE75A4901E}\RP174\A0027747.EXE C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{0ACD1FCD-6804-40AD-AB50-CBEE75A4901E}\RP174\A0027748.EXE C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{0ACD1FCD-6804-40AD-AB50-CBEE75A4901E}\RP229\A0035642.EXE C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE{0ACD1FCD-6804-40AD-AB50-CBEE75A4901E}\RP256\A0039861.EXE Thanks for your help!
  7. I ran SUPERAntiSpyware for the first time today. It came back with one infected file found: Trojan.Dropper/Gen C:\RECOVERED DATA\ECU4\NAVIMAGE.EXE I'm fairly certain it was a false positive. However, since I am no longer using that program (Earth Centered Universe 4.0), I went ahead and had it removed. SUPER then requested to reboot the computer to remove the infected file. The computer rebooted. Instead of rebooting normally, it found corrupted files or sectors and proceeded to complete a chkdisc run. It went so fast and had so many entries I cannot remember them all. Some lines along the way were inserting an index entry, corrected error, something about commlite etc. The computer then rebooted normally. Does the removal process normally result in a chkdsk run? I'm not sure whether to restore my computer to an earlier time before the removal process took place or continue on. I recently had my computer crash and ended up having a tech reinstall windows and have spent a good week reloading all my documents and programs. I do not need another crash! Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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