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  1. I recently had a computer with a virus that disabled the regedit, control panel and command prompt. The program's repair feature, as far as I know doesn't have fixes for those, yet they are readily available through other forums that you can download. I would think this would a valuable addition to the repair feature of SuperAntiSpyware. Thanks, Rob http://productreviewratings.com/denver-computer-repair
  2. I do quite a bit of computer repair on the side. More and more customers are bringing me computers with damage caused by viruses. I love the repair utility of Superantispyware in the preference section. It fixes quite a few of the common problems caused by spyware, such as corrupted clock settings, internet connection, etc., if you don't know about this, make sure to look for it. http://productreviewratings.com/denver-computer-repair
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