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  1. Ya, me too, however i am currently paying 32 per license at the 50 user level and above, so thats a bit attractive...
  2. Ah, ok i thought it did both..... Wow... ok thanks for the info... Have a good one!
  3. I currently use Mcafee with my sonicwall nsa2400, but am not too impressed with Mcafee's performance and troubles that i have installing it on new PCs and also its ability to prevent infection... for the last year now each time a PC gets infected i end up installing SASW and it cleans the machine every time without fail, so far.... so now my Mcafee is up for renewal, 50 licenses, so i wan wondering if i should switch to SASW in a corporate environment. Has or does anyone use SASW in a corporate environment? If so are there any drawbacks? Thanks.. Rob.. Montreal, Canada
  4. Hello all my first post, so be gentle.. I have an infected PC that seems to have a rouge DHCP server running on it, i tried to install SAS on that PC but it fails to run after the install. SO i read a post that says to copy a good sas folder(c\program files\ from a good pc, but still a no go.... Any ideas? It keeps server out bad dns servers on my LAN What shall i do? its driving me nuts! Thanks.. Rob Montreal, Canada
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