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  1. I've already send samples to samples@superantispyware.com but I don't have the samples for huelar and radz services. Hope Superantispyware team can make their product more powerful...
  2. I have observed many files that are considered as a dangerous files but it was not detected by SUPERAntispyware. Like the worm huelar, malicious files of radz services and internet cafe, cloaked malwares like pook.com, wqesvxa.exe, o.exe, gi2ky.exe and many more cloaked malwares. I want to send these cloaked malware files to your laboratory but i don't know how to send them because they can't be seen even if i will show the hidden files and folders. I hoped that this program will detect many mysterious and dangerous malwares in my computer and other computers that are using this program too. I hope that I contributed a lot to the improvement of this program. I hope also that SUPERAntispyware team will send the new more improve updates that will help me in my problems. Lastly I will inform you how did i found out about the cloaked malwares. When I was using Nero to burn a Data disc, I saw these cloaked malwares and I immediately used SuperAntispyware to detect these files but, these cloaked malwares were not detected by your program. So I am hoping that SuperAntispyware team will resolve this problem before my computer crashes..
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