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  1. I asked this in a previous message along with a question about the price of pro. This question wasn't answered and was not the subject of the prior message, so I thought I should ask it again in a new message as it will probably get lost in the other one. Does the pro version allow you to scan specific files and folders without scanning memory and the registry first? Thanks. Ellen
  2. In order to upgrade to pro, do I need to uninstall the free version? What price is downloading pro? The pages that come up say it's $12 (ax) for a CD, $10 (ax) for an extra license, but no price for downloading one version w/ no CD. Do I download and install the trial and then pay for it? If so, what's that price? I'm confused. Does the pro version allow you to scan one file or folder without scanning memory and the registry first? Thanks for any help. Ellen
  3. Thanks Jahn and SAS Guy (or Gal), I found an old version of Sygate's firewall runs on win98 and allows control over an application's access. While I'm getting up to speed on that program, I'll use the IP address you provided Jahn in Conseal. Thanks for the link to the support ticket. Ellen
  4. I'm using ConSeal from Signal9 on a very old computer running windows98. (I can't find a newer/better firewall that will run on this system.) I'd like to allow SuperAntiSpywware updates and need the IP address(es) for the SuperAntiSpywware update server. Thanks. Ellen
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