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  1. I was able to remove the virus I believe with CA antispam software, Superantispy didn't call it by the same name, I think superantispy found it as a spy, but CA thought it was a virus. between the two programs, I think I stopped that one. Thanks for your help.
  2. I still get a CA alert that I have a virus, but when I scan the system in Safe mode or normal mode, I find no virus.
  3. CA Antiviris says I have the following virus: Win32/Tisblk.bb in my windows/system32/drivers folder, but when I do a full virus scan there is nothing detected. I have tried both scans in safe mode, will try again now. I'll let you know. Jeff
  4. I have a log I can add if anyone can help me remove a nasy batch of spys, I have the "LIFETIME: subscription of Superantispyware installed on this computer infected. It detected a bunch of spys, but I can't quarentine them or delete them, it reboots my computer when I try. below is PART of the log, the last paragragh is a LOT larger, I just didn't copy all of that.
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