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  1. actually if I may, a week or so ago, A virus hit one of the main MSN Servers and tons of people world wide lost there emails and even there inbox disappeared, some folks didn't lose there inbox and others did I work with Windows live messenger as a chat inspector, and your isssue sounds like that's what happen is your friend got hit by that server downfall, There "IS" A way to recover your email. and If this is what I think it is, has nothing to do with SAS http://windowslivehelp.com/community/t/50327.aspx what you need to do is, log into windowslivehelp and post the excate email address they will remove it once they see it so no one else gets it, and they should reply back to you. Hope this helps.
  2. part of the issue could be your computer specs as well, I had noticed that lower ram seems to make SAS Use up more resource then needed, as higher spec pcs, just fly though the update problem with very little cpu usage and mem usage.
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