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  1. I know that it came late. But I had a lot of trouble updating Antispyware trial as well as free version. I checked and checked but can't find the solution. On this forum,in this thread,Nightcap mentioned to check the proxy settings in the internet settings page of control panel to check proxy settings.And he talked about Automatically Detect settings. I found that I didn't have it checked. And then I selected it and updated the Superantispyware again. Voila,this time,it worked. I just hope that this information can help someone out there having trouble updating Superantispyware. This is not about Firewall,at least,for me. I have ESET Smart Security 4 and Zonealarm Firewall. Both of them were put into interactive mode to ask me if some program tried to access the internet. Both firewalls didn't notify me anything before I chose the Automatically detect internet settings, as if the updater was not working at all. Once I selected Automatically detect settings,both firewalls asked for it. Therefore please check that setting if you are having trouble updating Superantispyware. If it doesn't work even after that,there must be some other problem that you are facing. Good Luck.
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