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  1. normally i'd agree but the trick of this one is that it is set on a password protected file so no anti virus will be able to scan correctly until it is unpacked. the name type also affects the file. when i tried to upload to the webpage link on this thread i got an unsuported file error. that was probably due to the many spaces before the scr extension to try and hide the true extension.
  2. yup i am curious but i heard and saw on tv that there are threats for new viruses today so i will not take anything lightly but i wont run anything i don't know. i would like to be sur however. that filename did not inspire the least bit of confidence.
  3. I tried it, the file is password protected and i think none of the anti virus were able to access the file. I unpacked it carefully never running it and saw a file with the following structure cause i do not remember the name: "filename.plugin .sCr" I was unable to rename it and the web page would not accept the file. I deleted the folder and will do nothing else with it. i like it less and less but it could be a new thing.
  4. I am new and anted to ask someone to examine a file i just recieved. i am not sure what it is but i don't ant to downlad it cause gmail says it was unable to scan the file. if you give me an email i can use i can forward the emil with the file. I am a gamer and this might appear like a game but i have found no information about the "company" and no information about the email so i am worried.
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