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    Windows 98

    As you suggested, I did a definition manual update and it looks it worked. The Definition Database Version shown now is Core: 3843 Trace:1797. I guess this is the way I will have to do it from now on. Thanks, HAL9k
  2. HAL9k

    Windows 98

    Hello: I am using Windows 98 in this particular computer and my IPHLPAPI.DLL version is 5.00.1717.2 I had trouble with the latest SAS version so I installed free version 4.24.1004. I thought it was working fine but now I am not so sure. Every time I do a definitions update a pop up screen (that offers a paid version) appears at the end of the update indicating that the latest definition was (apparently) installed (core: 3848 Trace: ? for today 4/14/09). I said "apparently" because the definition database version shown in the main SAS screen always stays the same: core: 3688 trace:1664. Is it really updating or not, how can I check? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, HAL9k
  3. Thanks for your response. I found another thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2500 with a similar problem. I decided to uninstall this new version and I installed version 4.24.1004 and it works perfectly. Thanks again, HAL9k
  4. I installed SuperAntiSpyware version 4.26.1000 in a computer running Windows 98. Why is it that every time I click on the icon to start the program, SuperAntiSpyware wants to automatically check (there is no asking) for new definitions even though: 1) I unchecked the "Check for updates before scanning on start up" 2) I checked "do not scan when SuperAntiSpyware starts" 3) unchecked all related to automatic updates and reminders? Furthermore, it doesn't even seem to find new definitions, it just downloads again the ones it previously downloaded (Core 3819, Trace 1773, 3/29/09). It is very annoying and if you do not let it check the program stops responding (and makes a mess of my computer). Thanks for your help. HAL9k
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