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  1. Hi -- I submitted this problem earlier -- a straight (1) uninstall -- (2) download current product (3) install (4) activate using your lifetime activation code works. I agree that It will be nice when this isn't required. Peter
  2. Hi, Thanks for your response. I like this software and I'm glad it's still good on Vista. On Vista, the "quick scan" showed 368 memory items and 197 registry items. My recollection is that on XP the scans usually had around 1200 memory items and 4000+ registry items. Thanks Peter
  3. Hi all, I just got a new VISTA computer. I ran a scan recently and noticed that the number of memory items and registry items is roughly 5% of the number of items in windows XP on my old computer. Does this make sense? I just want to be sure that this doesn't mean that SAS only checks the memory and registry from some sort of "xp simulator" if that's what's going on. SAS saved my bacon a couple of summers ago and I'm sticking with it, unless it can't check the memory and registry in Vista. Peter
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