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  1. Wednesday I was doing a Google search. I clicked on a link in Google and knew immediately my system had just become infected. It slipped right past my Trend Micro Internet Security, even though it was running and up to date. When I re-booted the computer, I got only a black screen with my curser. After trying to re-boot 3 - 4 times, it finally rebooted, but Trend Micro would not launch or scan. Malwarebytes would not launch or scan and when I tried to do a system restore, I got to the 'NEXT" button in the restore steps and found it was disabled. SuperAntispyware launched in the Alternate mode but after a minute of scanning, BIG CRASH! WINDOWS FAILURE BLUE SCREEN! Boy was I scared. I tried one more thing. I re-started in safe mode. Superantispyware scanned all the way through in safe mode and caught about 8 critical malware files. I deleted those and then checked to see if Malwarebytes would now launch. It did and it caught several more. After this, I was able to launch Trend Micro and scanned with it. I finished up by using CCleaner and Glary Utilities. I also disabled my system restore and ran all the scan programs one more time for good measure. A lot of work -- but with the combo of programs, I think it got it. All from one click in Google! I submitted my Hijack This log to Trend Micro for good measure.
  2. Your infection sounds like exactly what I got in my computer last Wednesday. I could not get my Windows system restore to work and it disabled Malwarebytes. I started SuperAntiSpyware in regular mode and after one minute I got the Windows failer blue screen of death! I tried again in SAFE MODE and it caught enough of the infection (but not all) to allow Mawarebytes to work. I ran Mawarebytes and then disabled my system restore, and dumped my cache to make certain the virus/malware/trojan was gone from the restore area. Ran Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and Trend Micro. I also ran CCleaner and Glary Utilites. Result = a cleaned system. I checked the system restore to make certain it was working again and also ran a Hijack This log and checked it. Yes these infections have gotten much worse. After this one, I backed up my entire cleaned hard drive onto an external drive. If the worst were to hit, I could re-install windows and then use my external drive to put the computer back to where it was before the infection, and not lose any data.
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