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  1. This was the error that had me baffled. But reading the FAQs on your webpage directed me to the Microsoft Uninstall Tool, without this tool, I would have never been able to install the new beta.
  2. Hi everyone, I just unstalled the new beta, I had a little problem , I got an Error 1316 on install but used the Microsoft Uninstall Tool and all was well. This beta seems to work very well with Kaspersky Internet Security. They back each other up in a way. I have been a long time SAS fan becuase it helped me with a Vundo problem awhile back and I have stuck with it ever since. The only thing I would like to see is a native 64bit platform but the program works in the X86 folder just fine. I am using Vista Ultimate 64bit and SAS finds all my bad searching habits and removes them LOL.
  3. I am running 64bit Vista Ultimate and the new beta version of SAS, I run with Kaspersky Internet Security and find it works quite well, of course would rather have a native 64bit platform but this is certainly acceptable until its developed.
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