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  1. I've been using SAS on my computer for a couple of months, no problems found. However, when I used my wife's computer I noticed that her browser was many times slower than mine even though we both had wired connections to the router. SAS found several trojans and hijackers on her computer (she inherited the computer from our college son). I'm in the process of letting SAS take care of these, and am rerunning SAS now. However, when I let SAS connect home to explain items it found, she was offered SAS Pro for $19.95 for one day only. Sounded like a great deal. I ran over to my computer and Pro was still listed at $29.95. What gives? Should I be concerned? Is there something going on between my wife and SAS that I should know about? (Warning: I do have a SHOTGUN! ) Are these offers just random?
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