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  1. If I have missed something obvious I would be very grateful if someone would point it out. I had presumed this was not a matter for a support ticket. As a beginner to SUPERantispyware I find the anomaly with "Ignore files larger than 4MB" quite concerning (I have read the posts concerning this being unnecessary), but nowhere can I find definitive settings that will ensure that SUPERantispyware will find every problem that it is capable of finding. Quick is obviously faster, but presumably less comprehensive than Complete hence "This is recommended at least once every 30 days". Is there in fact any merit to the CNET settings - they were quoted as giving the most comprehensive scan, or are the defaults just as effective? - and why the 4MB anomaly? As I say I would be very grateful for any guidance and surely cannot be alone in looking for a simple, idiot proof, guide to the safest settings for security.
  2. Thanks for the response. I let the scan finish in all cases and in fact the tracking cookies show up fairly early on anyway. Also, as I say, exactly the same results are replicated over multiple scans.
  3. I recently inherited a laptop which has 20 tracking cookies which I thought I would use as a testbed, having only recently discovered SUPERAntiSpyware. Doing a complete scan with the default settings finds the 20 cookies (19 quick scan - fair enough), but if the "Ignore files larger than 4MB" box is unchecked no cookies are reported, which seems a bit strange. Using the settings which I found recommended on a CNET forum - all unchecked except Close browsers before scanning. Scan for tracking cookies. Terminate memory threats before quarantining once again the 20 cookies are found (even though the "Ignore files larger than 4MB" box is still unchecked). Repeated scanning produces the same results. Whilst tracking cookies may not be a major problem, I was nonetheless a little concerned at this apparent inconsistency. Thanks.
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