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  1. 4.25.1014 Core: 3809 Trace:1763 Though I venture the last scan I did was Core: 3807 Trace: 1759
  2. I'm tangling with a relatives computer, nothing important on it so that's good, and essentially I have come across three viruses that Superantispyware can't seem to find. Based on searches they seem to be in the definitions but can't seem to find them on the computer. MalwareDefender 2009 SpywareRemover 2009 and another one that I can't remember off the top of my head. I'll repost when I get back over there to do some more work on it but essentially I've run superantispyware in quick scan, complete scan, safe mode, normal mode. fully updated, I've also changed the name as well as utilized run as. I'm baffled... I'm fairly certain the spywareremover 2009 was in the blog back in November 2008 but it just can't seem to find it. Oh and I'll include a hijack this log. I'm just curious if this is an issue with anyone else or if anyone else has any ideas I normally work these issues and sometimes manually remove them but these seem to be particularly smart... In some cases I swear they target superantispyware specifically... Makes me wonder if I should install it into a different folder or even run it off of a thumb drive to test that theory out. Thomas
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