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  1. Ok- Well - I have fixed my problem - however I think this is only a work around. I am still interested to know how someone prevented me from downloading from specific sites like yours. I had User Account Controls disabled b4 I got the malware. Virus somehow turned that back on. When I disabled UAC in msconfig - then I was able to update programs and download again. So there is a UAC setting that can control what programs update and what sites can be downloaded from? just wondering if anyone has some insight to this. -magneticnorth
  2. hi, Unable to download super anti - spyware - or update definitions. Same problem with AVG. had the virus win32/crytor. It is mostly gone but is still preventing access to some web sites. The DNS was changed but is changed back to automatically obtain DNS. The host file in ....driver/etc reads only: localhost What could be preventing specific sites from deploying? Or...What prevents downloading? -magneticnorth
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