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  1. Hi, SuperAntispyware is by far the best spyware program i have found to date. It gets rid of the spyware the rest leave behind. I am dealing with one computer right now, though, that is infected with multiple viruses/spyware and I am not able to load the program. It gives me the standard "windows had encountered an error, and wants to send an error report"; when i send the report and look at the "more information" link it just says there is an update to SuperAntiSpyware and i should download it. I was already dealing with the latest download release from your web site and the machine i am working on will not go to any antivirus, antispyware or security update web pages; it simply tells me "page can not be displayed". My question is, is there a way to run SuperAntiSpyware from a thumb drive so i can cure these infections? Thanks in advance for your help and thanks again for a great product Eric charlotte, nc
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