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  1. It has 98se and Spybot but so does my computer and it runs SAS in an hour and a quarter. The only difference is the RAM. Mine has 96MB and her's has only 32MB. I have read that SAS is a lightweight application and I already know it can run so I need to find out why it is so slow.
  2. I have nothing but the barest neccessities running but I tried it in safe mode anyway. It only took twenty minutes to load this time but after seventy two hours it had only gotten through 2,124 files ( it may take a year but I am going to get through all of my files, yet!) If I didn't have enough RAM would the program run at all?
  3. Well, I tried a custom scan of just cookies and folders. It took three hours for the program to load and after running for twentytwo hours it had only gotten through 830 files. I have detected and cleaned 96 tracking cookies so I know the program works but it would be nice if it would go faster! What should I try now?
  4. I have downloaded SAS free on my mothers computer and am running the initial "Quick Scan".It has been running for thirtynine hours and is only part way through the registry. Every entry takes about two minutes. I am not doing anything else on the computer and the only things running are Explorer and Systems Tray. Can you tell me why it is taking so long? If I stop the scan now can I at least fix the problems it has found so far? Please help!
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