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  1. Yea I tried that too (sorry I should have mentioned that). I think my PC is a lost cause. I been reading some similar cases with symptoms like mine over at Malwareremoval.com I am pretty sure I am SOL and am going to have to completely wipe and reinstall the works. Sigh, I hate this stuff...
  2. Howdy all - I am having some major troubles with a nasty little bug or two. It seems the demon software is preventing me from many things, including access to certain malware-removal and virus update websites, updating to latest defnitions, and even from installing SAS. Every time I try to install the downloaded SAS Installer I get a Windows error (cannot install, do you want to send the error report to Microsoft, etc.). Every time i try to auto update McAfee or Ad-Aware I am unable to do so (connection errors when I know there are non, etc.). The main problem seems to be redirects when browsing and other such fun. Avast AV and McAfee have not found anything other than the original McAfee detection of Generic!atr which was apparently quarantined and then removed, but the problems are lingering... I am running in Safe Mode with Networking on XP Pro SP3, and am an experienced computer guy. I am about to reformat and reinstall everything but I am willing to try a few more things before giving up. Can anyone help me with the SAS Install problem at a minimum? Thanks to any and all who can help!!!
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