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  1. 10:17:54 AM PDT SUPERAntiSpyware.com Replied: Hello, It looks like you installed SUPERAntiSpyware a long time ago, installing the 32bit on a 64bit machine in the root folder of Program Files(x86). Please uninstall via add/remove programs, then reinstall in the default directory. Regards, SUPERAntiSpyware Customer Service Yes, I have used SAS for a long time, and probably installed the 32 bit version on my 64 bit WIN7 because it was the only version available. But I did nothing out of the ordinary! The SAS Uninstaller shouldn't have corrupted my OS. I have uninstalled SAS via the add/remove utility, but I will NOT be reinstalling SAS on my machine again. Once burned is an accident, twice burned is enough!
  2. This has been an SAS "peculiarity" for as long as I remember. I just ignore the reboot message.
  3. Does SAS want/need any additional information, or are you just going to blow me off?
  4. Running SAS 5.1.1002 on Win 7 Home Premium. Ran the SASUNIST64 Uninstaller Utility (downloaded from the SAS site). It ran for a fairly long time, then asked for permission to reboot. After the boot, NONE OF THE STARTUP PGMS EXECUTED, AND MOST OF THE DESKTOP SHORTCUTS WERE GREYED OUT! The message said the programs they were pointing to had been moved or changed. This is EXACTLY the same problem I had with the SAS Uninstaller Utility 2 years ago: http://forums.supera...h__1#entry17190 At that time, you said "We have updated the uninstaller to block against this issue caused by CROSS LINKED files/directories on a windows system i.e. ChkDsk / ScanDsk would resolve this if run - we hadn't counted on a corrupted harddrives, but now we have guarded against this in all uninstallers." But obviously you haven't! Would you please address this issue once and for all! Your integrity is at stake! Fortunately for me, this time the Macrium system Image restore worked, and I was up and running in an hour. Thanks.
  5. I'll try closing Chrome before remmoving the cookies next time. Is it still necessary to reboot (as instructed) even though SAS says the cookies are removed?
  6. I installed SAS 5.0.1144 and ran a scan. It found the usual cookies. When I gave permission to handle them, SAS quarantined them immediately , them removed them one at a time TAKING 30 SEC FOR EACH! Is this a new feature?
  7. Siliconman01: Your response was one of the most forthright and honest posts that I have read in a long time. Yes, sometimes despite best intentions, "**** Happens". I just wish it hadn't happened to me! The SAS Uninstaller bug was a major aggravation, but also a learning experience. I learned the use of partitioning, and the importance of separating system from user data. GFI Backup was discarded in favor of Cobian because GFI hasn't responded to my forum post in 9 days. I make regular images of my Win 7 Opsys, and have tested its reliability. So, all in all, it's been a net plus. I just wish it could have happened when I was better prepared!
  8. You guys seem to be dancing around the issue of whether the SAS Uninstaller is reliable or not. Why do you both recommend using the Add/Remove Programs Utility before the SAS Uninstaller if you have full confidence in it?
  9. I don't think I'll take you up on that offer. It's not that I don't believe you, but I'm still restoring my system after the old SAS Uninstaller clobbered it!
  10. Siliconman01 - Can I infer that you don't trust the SAS Uninstaller yet?
  11. You say my file system was corrupted. I have no way of determining that now. Win 7 was not giving any warnings, and it was writing to files on 4 separate HDD's. The Revo Uninstaller certainly never had any problems. I wish I had used it instead of yours.
  12. Zerion, thanks for the support. SAS is the British Petroleum of the software industry. They think that by denying the problem it will go away. Unfortunately, I couldn't get System restore/Startup repair to work even with the Install Disk. And my Macrium Disk Image restore pgm couldn't find the image on a separate HDD. The SAS Uninstaller was more effective than any virus, trojan, of rootkit yet encountered!
  13. It's genuine! SAS asked whether I wanted to install to Program Files. I browsed and selected x86 to be consistent with all my other programs. I've never had a problem with this before 4.39. Got it thru FileHippo, I believe. PS: There's another post from 6/4 where someone had a similar problem installing 4.38.
  14. Running Win 7 Home Premium X64. Everything working fine. Downloaded SAS 4.39. When I installed it, got message to allow SAS to uninstall 4.38. it seemed to run for a looooong time! I then installed 4.39 successfully. Immediately thereafter, I clicked a desktop shortcut to run a program, and got a message stating the program it was pointing to had been moved or changed. Same for all the other shortcuts. I looked in Program Files (x86)(where I install SAS), and ALL of my user installed programs are gone! When I tried to restore Windows to a previous version, I got a screen saying the Boot Sector had been corrupted! To add insult to injury, the Macrium System Image Restore Utility, for which I have faithfully created a new image every night on another HDD, will not run! The damage is done, and I'll be spending all day reinstalling Win 7 with updates, programs, etc. SAS is one program that will NOT be installed unless I'm convinced that it was not SAS's fault. Thank you.
  15. Running Win 7 x64, just installed SAS 4.39 today. The uninstall ran for an inordinately long time. Now, none of my desktop shortcuts work because their .exe files have been changed or moved. Sure enough, Program Files (x86) has been hosed. Why are you still allowing downloads and installs of 4.39 when the problem was discovered 1 week ago?
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