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  1. Thanks a lot all guys u have been a great help and you are most apreicated cheers and ty!!!
  2. i took that advice and thank you. but when i restart my computer the time re formats back to 12 hour time format i think the virus is doing this but i scaned and most of the hard ones are gone how is something this little still on my computer?
  3. Hey i seemed to fix my background yet my time still seems to be in army time (16:14) etc when it use to be like 3:30 am and stuff how can i change my time back to its original state?
  4. many thanks i will take this advice.
  5. hey my name is Justin i live in australia melbourne ive been a big fan and user of super anti spyware lately ive come across a nasty virus that for some reason got it's way on my computer and ive tried everything possible to remove it SASW could not remove it and ive tried to scan in safe mode im sorry if this is not the place to post this i dont no where to post it as ive never had to come on the fourm as usally it would remove any virus my computer may incounter these are the symptons my computer is getting 1. Computer is really slow cant search web broswers take up to 15/20 mins to load 2. broswers lead me to fake websites and not to the website i clicked on. 3.my backround has changed and i can't change it back to what it once was. 4. my internet is extreamly slow almost unusable 5.mass pop ups keep clicking and any virus i find i delete it reapears any help is MOST APREICATED and ill be eternally gratefull as this is has lasted longer then a weak and it keeps getting worse and worse im bout ready to call it quits on the computer as nothing i do will remove this please Tec support i really need some help -FarSeeR-
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