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  1. hi guys, just wanna share with u my findings on this issue. get error "buffer overrun detected! ...winlogon.exe" when starting up my pc. therefore im unable to login into windows xp. disconnected my primary hdd and connect it as slave in another comp. ive always had a habit of running hijackthis and saving the log files. upon checking, i find a key " O20 winlogon notify = c:\program files\superantispyware\SASWINLO.dll ". usually this dll file has no problems as ive been using superantispyware for almost 3 yrs now, but recently upon updating the software and rebooting after that, gives the ""buffer overrun detected! ...winlogon.exe" error. since im unable to run hijackthis to delete this key (because the hdd is now set to slave in another computer.), i renamed the SASWINLO.dll to SASWINLO.dll.old and voila! able to startup perfectly! my guess is that upon updating of superantispyware, somehow the SASWINLO.dll file became unstable or something. so to superantispyware engineering team, please look into this matter. thanks a bunch for the great work so far! peace out!
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