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  1. Now that I had time to surf a little the problem was not cured! IE7 still crashes intermitently. I have been trying to deal with this for the better part of a week now. I have worked with a support group called Ctrlcenter, and in the process run countless scans with Malwarebytes, SAS, Combofix, Hijackthis and Avira Antivir. Found and removed a couple of trojans (TR\Dropper.gen and TR\Fakealert.AQE.16) early on and a handfull of their garbage, but all scans for the last few days find nothing. I have tried running IE with add-ons disabled and it still crashes. The people at Ctrlcenter said they think its a virus that is new enough not to have made it into anyone's definitions yet. Meanwhile they have given up. What can I do now?
  2. Thaqnks for the reply. Actually I did get it to run in safe mode, and it found some adware, but nothing malicious? The problem I'm rying to fix is that IE7 keeps crashing on me even with add-ons disabled. Not sure yet if this last scan with SAS resolved the problem as it is intermitent, and I don't have time at the moment to surf a while to check. So far it hasn't crashed.
  3. SAS keeps hanging during scan at HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Services\BTWUSB . Does anyone have any idea what this is about? Thanks
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